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Getting Inside the Box


Welcome to Getting Inside the Box. We have talked to different hotties around the Denver area. Some are Strippers, Divorcees, Masters from the BDSM World, Lesbians, and Average ladies who are looking to provide guys with the proper ways to Get Inside the Box! We cover everything from Techniques to get the Girl to Dating a Stripper.

Episode 1 – How to Date a Stripper with Gloria and Dick Black

In this Episode we bring you two very special guests. Gloria is an comedian by night and an exotic dancer by later that night, and Dick Black, a comedian/entrepreneur/ former male dancer taking over the scene with his Penis Enlargement Program that is cumming soon! We discuss do’s and dont’s at the strip club, what it takes to date a stripper, and more on this episode of Getting Inside the Box.

Episode 2 – Sex Move of the Week, and My Own Short Comings with Special Guest Hambone

In this 2nd Episode of Getting Inside the Box we meet up with our close friend Hambone. We talk about the sex move of the week, have a confusing game of would you rather, and talk about some short comings I had with a certain experience! All of this and more on Getting Inside the Box!!!


Episode 3 – The Comedy Cougar

In this episode of GITB we interviewed MO, a extremely funny and sexy Comedian in the Denver are, but she is also a Cougar. We talked about why she enjoys younger men aka “Cubs” and what they can do to catch her attention. We also discuss turn offs, dick size, romps in a NY City sex club, and more… Enjoy this episode of Getting Inside the Box!


Episode 4 – Sex Positions with Gloria

On this episode of Getting Inside the Box our friend Gloria comes on the show where we talk about sex positions, blow jobs and the best shes given and I’ve gotten, lost dildos, and even an anal sex horror story. All this and more on episode 4 of Getting Inside the Box

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